Google Play Turns 1 Years Old

1 Year Old... or 1 Years Old...

I think it's yearS, but why would you pluralize a single thing, but the singular version sounds so... wrong.

Google rebranded the Android Market into a 'Play Store' one year ago today.  It was weird, but it kinda made sense as it was more than just a market for apps, there was books, movies, magazines, music (if you're in the states) and devices (tho' we still don't have access to that from our phones - hopefully soon).

Knowing Google, you know they like to celebrate in style!

You can't see it on the site quite yet (well, at the time of writing) but you can see it here:

So, what are they doing to celebrate?

  • Free book
  • Cheap movies
  • In app Android cameos/specials 

Hopefully there's more... but can't argue thus far!

There's got to be more... this video they had on their site just oddly ends...