Google Play Store bans the ad blockers

That's it. No more. Google has finally banned any ad blockers like "AdFree" and "Ad Away" from it's Play Store. If like me you had an ad blocker installed on your device, it is still installed on your device and is still working but is not showing up anymore in your installed apps on the Play Store. Don't go look for it, you won't find it. Or any other ad blocker. Ever.

Why? First of all, Google is saying that it was violating the TOS. Second, many developers were complaining to Google about the ad blockers because most of their revenues may come from the ads rather than selling pro versions. Same idea for Google as they're making money from ads too. Having ad blockers so easily available on the Play Store was not helping. So now the only way to still "hide" ads from your Android device is to get them from... somewhere else and... sideload them!

Is this a good move from Google? I invite you to watch our Friday Night Hangout #20 where +Tom Gray, myself and the rest of our team will be talking about this!