Google+ App Updates!

So, another hum-drum Monday?

Bah, not for the Google+ folk as they get to show off some new updates they've put into the app.

Something to help perk me up on an otherwise boring day.

You can read more about it at Google+ blog.

What's updated?

  • the stream has a new look with the +1/re-share and previews of who's +1'd it
  • control your stream 'volume' (i.e. turn down some circles)
  • photos are 'side scrollable' in your stream
  • location sharing with specific circles
  • etc...

So, updates?  Here's some photos of them.

You'll see the previews of +1'ers and the location sharing (you'll see my profile with 'currently at') and another with some photos that you can swipe through.

Go download the update now!

Get it on Google Play