Galaxy S4 - what we know so far

So, you know how much I dislike rumours.  Not a fan of it at all.  I prefer to see something when it's released and wait patiently.

Okay, maybe not so patiently, but still...

...rumours just ruin the event I think.  Especially over the past while how we've become UBER anxious to find out any scrap of information.

So, since we're not about to change our ready appetite for juicy details and gossip about the potentially next biggest device... let's have a run down on what we 'know' about the S4 already.

First thing first we know the name is going to be S4, not SIV...  mostly from the branding we've seen is all the number 4, not the numeral IV.

Plus SIV ... 'siv' just sounds weird.

Next is that we now know from a little bit of a teaser that the top edge of it will have a bit of a look like the S3, and not a square-ish design that we had seen up to a week ago.

Speaking of looks we're hearing that it will have a PHOLED screen, not their standard SUPER AMOLED HD.

What's PHOLED?  I'll let wiki explain.  Essentially it should mean up to a 25% less battery drain from the screen.  That'll be good.

Other specs?

  • 5" @ 1080p
  • 1.8GHz x4 Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2GB RAM
  • 13MP / 2MP cameras
  • Android 4.2.1 (shouldn't it have 4.2.2?)
As for 'features, we've heard about this 'smart scroll' feature that it'll track your eyes to help scroll.  Other rumours point to the fact it should have Qi wireless charging.  There's even chatter about a 3D camera (if you don't remember those not really doing anything amazing over a year ago).

But ... here's the thing.  The biggest problem with these devices is that there's going to be different models throughout the world.  Remember when the S3 came out?  There was the international version with quad-core but only 1GB RAM (and I believe no LTE), whereas the Canadian was dual-core, but 2GB RAM (with LTE).

Just as I keep looking around I hear about the 'octo-core', but I can't tell if it's real, or it's just going to be for certain markets.  The end of the day it boils down to 'what Canada will get may not be what we see Thursday'.

Sucks don't it.  Just learn to be patient.  Have a Tim's and complain about the weather . We should be used to this stuff by now.


  1. Dude that looks awesome...,. 13 megapixel camera?1.8GHz x4 Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2GB RAM? This is gonna be great..

    1. It will be powerful. But it is enough of a 'vamp up' from those who have the S3.

      The big issue will be the timing for those folk who had the Galaxy S - and their 3 year contract.

      Personally, I'm not always for 'bigger', but 'better'. Just because it's 13MP... i'm not sold. I'm liking the HTC One's Ultra Pixel.

  2. The S4 really does interest me, but I'm not sure I could justify this upgrade from my Nexus 4. I know the S4 is a bit better, bug enough to buy a new phone?


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