Galaxy S4 Release - the deets

So, just prior to the event we've seen a lot of leaks:
SwiftKey integration
Hover touch
Smart Pause/Play
Fast Browser
The shape of it
But now the deets are out, and let's take a look.

Wait... I can use it with gloves?  I won't need special gloves to use it?  Very handy to us Canadians, except now it's not so much 'glove weather'.
First and foremost it looks as though there's going to be 'regional differences'... of course there is. *sigh*

It looks like it's going to all the major telecoms in the country:

  • 4.99" @ 1920x1080
  • 1.9GHz x4 Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 w/ 2GB RAM
  • 16/32/64GB
  • microSD
  • 13MP / 2MP
  • JB 4.2
So what did they add to it for TouchWiz's fancy features?
  • Adaptive Display - kind of like how TVs have been doing this for a while where it'll auto adjust contrast and colours based on what's on the screen
  • Air Gesture - like the SPen's hover touch, putting your finger near the screen brings up previews or 'hints' at what you're about to touch.
  • Drama Shot - Takes 100 photos in a 'burst' in under 4 seconds.  Get great action through still photos and/or pick the best.
  • Dual Cam - meaning that both cameras can be engaged at the same time.  Not sure if I know of anybody who's ever said "you know, I need to take a picture of myself while I'm taking this picture".  Hrmm..
  • Eraser - auto photoshops moved items from a series of pictures.  No more photobombs.
  • Group Play - Watching a video and there are up to 8 compatible devices (hopefully that'll include Note 2s, S3s etc..., not just those with S4s) and they can watch the same video along with you.
  • Home Sync - have a compatible TV ... you can send stuff to the TV... from anywhere (assuming your TV's connected to the internet).  That could have some 'fun' repercussions
  • Knox - like the BlackBerry Z10, there's a bit of a 'mullet' thing going on.  Business up front, but party at the back. Meaning you can separate your phone into 2 'entities' for each side of your business and/or play.
  • Photo Notes - essentially take a picture and say a note about it.  Most digital cams have had this for a few years.
  • S Health - a calorie burning tracker built in
  • S Translate - like Google Translate, but better.  Speak, and it'll spit it out in the desired language.  Have them speak and it'll spit it back to you in English.
  • S Voice Drive - like S Voice but on steroids, or had been idolizing Jarvis.  It'll do commands, dial, read messages back for you.
  • Smart Pause - while watching a video it'll know if you move your face away from the screen and pause it until you face the phone again
  • Smart Scroll - like Smart Pause it'll watch your eyes to see when you get near the bottom of the page and scroll appropriately.
  • Smart Switch - Didn't Kies already have this?  Plug it in and it'll make a backup of the info.
  • Story Album - Auto organizes your photos by 'time/location'.  This is kind of handy.
You can watch the recorded event here:

No mention of wireless charging tho'... hrmm...

Compare the S3 to the S4?
It's listed on our database under Canadian Android Devices.  I don't have the prices from the carriers yet, but hopefully soon. The expectation is that it would be probably $200 on contract for the device (whereas the S3 is usually $0).  The UK is showing availability in mid April... so here's hoping.
Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S4
1.5GHz x2 Qualcomm S4
4.8" @ 1280x720
1.9GHz x4 Qualcomm S600
4.99" @ 1920x1080
See any big improvements?  Obviously the CPU is hugely different... here's hoping that that's the processor we get - as it's still not confirmed.  Other than the big thing will be the software, but it's unclear what, if any can 'travel' to the S3 as well.