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Throughout my time with cell phones I've held one thing constant.  MicroSD cards fail.  And using Murphy's Law, they will fail when it is most inconvenient for them to do so.  Thus I've moved to devices that don't have any slot and use cloud options instead.

I love having my cloud now.  Such that I have a few.  Currently I'm using:

  • Box
  • CX
  • Drive
  • Dropbox
  • MediaFire
  • Minus
  • SkyDrive

I've tried dozens of others as well... time to add one more to the list.  To my ever growing list of databases.

This time it's an app that... well, aptly named is COPY.

So how is it?  TL;DR? It's not bad.  Try it out, best feature is the SUPER BIG bonus they give for referral, but it's only a limited time.  If you're going to try it out... do it now.

Let's take a look.  First off, the name.  It works.  Essentially it's what clouds are, right?  Copies... so Copy makes perfect sense.  Easy to remember.

To start out, Copy gives you 5GB of space.  Not a huge winner in my books, but you got to start somewhere.

If you immediately tweet out that you've started, you'll get another 2GB.  Getting there...

Once you're in, you'll want to invite your friends too, and this is a big 'freebie' here... 5GB extra for everybody that joins in with your referral (they'll get 5GB and you'll get 5GB).

Excellent.  BUT BE WARNED.  It's a promotional thing to announce their launch.  That big of a bonus won't last long.

All well and good, but how is it as a service.  Well, it hits many of my main features that's needed:

  • web app & app & desktop companion app (though I didn't try out the desktop app)
    • web app has drag 'n drop
    • uploading in app can be done via the app or via 'share'
  • photo syncing
  • public link sharing for single files

    • You can 'invite' for folders as well - just share to an email address - however, they need to have Copy as well... boo urns.

What else is cool about it?  In app previews.  You can click a file and get a 'cached' preview without having to download the file.  Make it nice to view what's in there without keeping a permanent copy.  However it is only the first 'page' of whatever it is (PDF, DOC, etc...)

Uploading files provides you with a progress notification.  Hopefully in the future it'll be 4.1+ expandable.

A pretty good app.  I think it wins points all around, except for the folder sharing.  There should be a public link for viewing of that.  But, you can't have everything I guess.

As for the service, 2 great things.  It's the cheapest for upgrades.  $9.99/month or $99/year nets you 250GB.  Want to double the storage?  Only pay 50% more ($14.99/month or $149/year).  That's the best out there that I can find on a $/yr/GB ratio.

Also, there's no limit on the file size.  That's good, especially if you're like me and want a place to store all those HD review videos I do for YouTube (besides keeping them in YouTube)

So, go try it out.  Use my link to net yourself a starter account at 10GB.  For that alone it's worth it.

Get it on Google Play

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  1. Is this true about skydrive offering unlimited photo uploads? Can't seem to verify that detail.

    1. I had got it from their website ... I'll have to double check.

    2. you're right, I can't find any validity either, so i'm deleting that part.

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