Come Talk Android With Us - Friday Night Hangout

There's a few 'for sures' that go on our blog...

  • I like databases (device lists, Canadian apps, device updates, cloud storage...)
  • Tom likes buying phones and accessories (and giving them away)
  • I don't like rumours
  • I prefer cloud storage over microSD
  • Tom and Sylvain will always fiercely defend CM & AOKP (respectively)
  • Friday's we forego that #FF for our own "Funny Friday"
  • I will miss Google Reader
But most of all for our little group the one thing that we can always count on is our Friday Night Hangout.

Just a chance for us to talk about Android amongst each other and via Google+ hangouts we do it online for you to watch and join in the conversation.

You can watch the show and follow along with our agenda (you can see a sneak preview of these week's via this link).

You can help influence the agenda by having a conversation with us by either commenting on the blog, commenting on our social media outlets (Google+, Facebook, Twitter), writing on the event page or even just commenting on the Google Doc we have for the agenda.

The Hangout is this Friday (as always) and runs from 11PM EST to 12PM for the 'on air' portion.  Then we go 'off air' and invite anyone.

Last week we had a couple of guests on the panel, and some pop in during the 'off air'.  It was great to have the discussion with some new faces that I'd like to continue it again for this hangout.

I pick you!
Do you want to join in on the Android Conversation?

Do you have an opinion?  Want to add some topics to the agenda?

Have a really cool app that you want to show off during the #appcoliseum portion?

Send us a message, or comment, etc... and I'll choose someone to join us live!