Clock Plus - Enhancing Your Daydreams

Google's new JellyBean 4.2 gave us a great new feature called Daydream. Because it's still fairly new to the Android world, there isn't a whole lot of apps that can really take it to the next level, but Clock Plus can definitely enhance your standard Daydream clock

Best of all It's Free!

I've been using Clock Plus on my Nexus 4 for about a week now, and it's a great enhancement from the standard clock provided by Google. With Clock Plus you're able to control the brightness of the clock, show battery percentages, as well as missed notifications like texts, emails, and calls.

Clock Plus isn't going to provide you with jaw dropping features, but for free it'll give you enhanced features and control to your Android.

Get it on Google Play

So if you can scrape together $0.00 and find a couple minutes between your daydreams, I suggest checking out Clock Plus.