Canadian Tire App Updates in time for the flyer

I don't know how you guys spend your Thursdays, but here's how the beginning of mine goes.

I get to work, we open the paper and throw everything aside as we get out the Canadian Tire flyer.  If you're not first you hang around reception waiting for your turn... staring at the front or back and contemplating how much you have left on that Gift Card or in Canadian Tire money sitting in your cup holder in the car.

Yup, pretty much.

Up until now having a Canadian Tire app meant it was cool to check out the stock of an item, scan for price.  Useful while in the store of if you were looking for something particular (I like the storing of your car in the app so it tells you all the parts... easy access).

It had the flyer in there too, but didn't work as well some times.  Well, now today's update ensues a great experience for everybody.

Plus, it now has a "Shopping List" which is handy while I stare at today's flyer.  Plunk in what you want / need (in this case it's both) and it'll add it to the list.  It'll even alert you when it goes on sale.


Get the app today if you haven't already.
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