Backup Your Mobile - Keeping Your Data Safe

There is quite a few Applications on the Google Play Store that will help you backup all your apps on your Android devices, but what most of them don't backup is the small stuff in between. For that you can turn to Backup Your Mobile.

Rather than backing up your apps, It backup your more personal information, in this light weight program.

Here at +Android Coliseum most of us rely on Google's numerous cloud services to keep our personal information in sync with all our apps and devices, but not everyone is fortunate enough to own a top of the line phone with the newer ICS and Jellybean OS. For those people who have older devices, we're pointing out Backup Your Mobile.

Backup Your Mobile will take a backup of the following information:
  • Contact
  • SMS (text message)
  • MMS (multimedia message)
  • Call log
  • Bookmark (stock browser)
  • Browser History (stock browser)
  • System Setting
  • User Dictionary
  • APN (Access Point Name) restore don’t work on android 4.x
  • Calendar events - events only, calendar must be created by android synchronization

What really opened my eyes to this was a real life situation I was faced with not long ago. A good friend of mine had her mom pass away unexpectedly, and she had her old phone with her moms old text messages on it and wished to save them for a keep sake. Finding a way to save this information was a problem in it self, as many application weren't compatible with her Galaxy Ace. I found Backup Your Mobile and saved the day.

Sometimes my everyday life is shadowed by the people less fortunate and never having the chance to have phones like me, and we need to fill the needs of all our Android users, not just the more upgraded ones. So if you're looking for something to keep your data safe on your older Android phone, check out Backup Your Mobile.