AnyDash - DashClock Extension Without Limits

Surely by now many of you have heard about DashClock by Roman Nurik. He's a Google Developer and has released an amazing widget called DashClock which is primarily used as a lockscreen widget replacement for JellyBean 4.2 instead of the standard clock.

Many extensions are available for DashClock to enhance its features such as showing Google Talk, and  other various missed notifications, but you never see anything for Google+.... That changes now with AnyDash.

AnyDash is an extension that requires accessibility permission to be turned on which is super easy just by going to: (Settings > Accessibility > Clicking on the app in question and sliding the Toggle to "On")

Once you've enabled Accessibility to AnyDash, it in return allows you to assign it to any application that's otherwise not supported by DashClock for missed notifications. In my case, I assigned it to Google+ which has no support currently for DashClock.

Like many of the apps I post here on +Android Coliseum, this one doesn't require root permission, so anyone running Jellybean 4.2+ can take advantage of this brilliant extension.

Get it on Google Play

This is total control of your lockscreen made easy. AnyDash is free, so check it out via the Google Play link above.