Android Pro Widgets - Keeping it Productive

I rely on my Android to get me through my busiest days. Whether it's music, texting, or emails, I demand that it performs at its best and maximise its usability.

Android Pro Widgets allows me to get the most out of my desktop screens. With its fully scrollable interface and numerous functions makes APW one of my top picks for productive apps.

Android Pro Widgets is completely theme-able which is great for a guy like me who loves his totally black inverted Android experience.

Currently the supporting widgets are:

  • Calendar
  • Text messages
  • Bookmarks
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • TimeLine
  • People / Contacts

Best of all, Android Pro Widgets is totally free for most basic features. for more advanced settings, you'll need to purchase the license which will run you about $2.50

So if you got a little time to kill, and an Android you want to spruce up, I highly recommend APW.

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