Photo Editing on Android [Aviary]

A while ago I talked about this course coming up on "Android Photography" and what you could learn about using your device.  Well, there was some interest in people learning what we could use AFTER we took the photo.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the options.  Maybe that teacher might want to spy in on this article for some tips.  :)

There's PLENTY of apps out there for you to do some editing of your photos.  Not everybody is going to find 'their winner'.  Some people love GIMP, some are Photoshop ONLY.  To that end I'm going to talk about just 4 ... 5 options for you to look over.

These are the ones I've used the most, but let me know if there's ones you prefer in the comments.

This will cover part 2 - the Aviary.

What used to be a plug-in, is now a stand-alone app.  And it's quite good for a variety of it's own reasons.

It's broken down into some simple options.  Enhance allows you to adjust simple lighting and colour balance.

Simple, straight forward.

In the effects you have a lot of the 'funky' filters you can plunk onto your photo.

Now, if you want you can add more than just the standard ... some you have to purchase separately through the Play Store.

Your call.

After effects, we have frames and stickers.  Frames are the standard ,and stickers are ... well, stickers you can add on to your photo...

Crop is also pretty self explanatory.

The next page of editing you have are for Focus (i.e. selective focus), adjusting orientation (the minute adjustments for rotation aren't quite as fluid as others), then adjusting Brightness/Contrast/Saturation via a slider.

Next up is adjusting for Warmth, Sharpness, Splash then adding drawings and text.  Drawing and text should be self explanatory.  Just draw away or place some text.

As for Warm and Sharpness, again it's a slider to adjust to what level you want.  What's neat here is the 'Splash', which is like a 'selective colour' feature, where you are given the photo in B/W and you 'paint in' your colour.

Last page of editing is some standard Red Eye, Whitening and Blemish corrections, then the always fun "meme" feature.  The corrections work by just picking 'eyes' that are reddened or 'scouring' over areas that need to be whitened (i.e. teeth or white shirts with stains) or fixing blemishes (on skin, or a stray leaf in the sky).  Meme allows you to enter in a quick set of text for the top and bottom to 'meme-ify' your photos.

Aviary's great, and it's free.  Can't argue with that.

Get it on Google Play