A New Face of Android- Android Netbook

I have found many others that enjoy searching the internet for great deals, especially on electronics. I always like stumbling on great deals as well as new finds like this new take on Android.

           Look at what is popping up all over the web, a 10" Android netbook. Sure
it's another cheap gimmick, but it's another sign that the line
between Android and the Chromebook is getting thinner. Personally, I
don't think it will ever be fully crossed, but that is not what this
article is about.

           It's about another Android product that differs from
the rest and for now it is surprisingly cheap. The 10" Android 4.0
Netbook has 4GB of DDR3 storage, VIA 8850 Cortex  A9 DDR3 512MB
1.25GHz processor, 800*480 resolution, 4000mAh battery(about 3 hours
of movies) and get this, a 307,200 pixel front camera(0.3MP, but I
guess a bigger number looks better to consumers).

          It also has 2x USB 2.0, 1x HDMI  1x Ethernet slot, headphone jack, mic jack and an SD card slot. Not bad for around $100, but if you want there is also a 7" variant for about $80 both with free shipping.

          Mind you it makes no mention whether or not it is touch screen  and it is pretty low end, but if you don't want to spring for a Transformer or you don't want a standalone Bluetooth keyboard for your current tablet, this is definitely a nice cheap option.

REF: Ebay