4Sync - yet another Cloud Storage

It's something I say again and again ... mostly it's about Android in general, but it can be said of just about anything on the internet.  It's always great to be able to have options.

For me, I like being able to try out different web storage options for my backup of files and for sharing with others.  Call me a hipster, but sometimes the most popular just isn't the best, so I like to stay on the lookout.

Earlier this week I showed you Copy.  Today I want to show you 4Sync.

As always, there's some things about the app that make it the same, and some that separate it from the herd.

Read on to find out if it's for you!
So, what's the deal on 4Sync?  Like alternatives out there it's a cloud storage app that you store files in.  You get an app for the computer and your mobile device.

To start off they give you 15GB of storage space.  That's the 2nd biggest for a free account out there right now.  If you want more, you can get more at a cost of $6.25/month for 100GB or $20/month for 1TB.  Do the math and it's up there for a pretty cheap $/GB/year cost.  (you can always check the database page if you doubt me).

The only catch is that if you don't use the service within 3 months it'll expire.  But, if you're not using anything for 3 months, you probably didn't want it in the first place.

You also get the ever important feature of "auto-uploading" for you photos.

You can upload files via the app or by the share handle.  What's nice about that is that even via the share, you can choose which folder and/or create a new folder.

As with most you also have the option to 'share' the file from the app - it'll copy the public share link of the file and you can either share via email, or social sharing hooks via Android's system, or just copy the link to the clipboard.

Notice that when you click a file you also get a pretty good preview of the file too.

There is a cool feature that you can get "Cloud Cards" for your friends.

That's something that's kinda been missing with others.  If you want to share a service with somebody but they don't want to as well... well, you can just 'gift them' a card and they can get the space.

I didn't try out the desktop app, but there is one.

Get it on Google Play

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