Z10 is in the house; here's a first look

This is a Canadian site so it's natural the newest Blackberry would be visited since it does run android apps. Since I live in a small town, that has t-o-n-s of Blackberry users it's no surprise that they had a reasonable supply on launch.

First up the look and feel. Very nice in hand. It's a little smaller than my Galaxy Nexus but reasonably weighted. It looks to me like an iPhone with a textured back and a BB logo but I have not been up close with an iPhone since the 4 or maybe even the 3GS (which I found uncomfortably heavy). The swiping in smooth and the directions will become intuitive as it is used more. I'm not sure how many gyros are in the Z10 it has to be held pretty close to perpendicular for the screen rotation to react quickly.

The weirdest thing is the keyboard. I have to admit, part of the reason I was interested in this phone is because of the predictive text. Very cool. The words show up quite early and are super easy to select. I hope a similar idea shows up on Android some time. BUT the keyboard stays in CAPS. I know physical keyboards can't change but every Android keyboard moves between caps and smalls so I find it unnerving.

There was a bit of a glitch setting it up, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a power cycle. We'll see if power cycling becomes part of using the device - I hope not! Once that was resolved we tried BBM - didn't video but that's ok, the camera (nice) and getting stuff off Blackberry World. Played a bit of Angry Birds Star War. There's a very cool pull down that configures your device for night time so you aren't disturbed. Things I didn't explore were personalizing wall papers, ring tones etc; changing screen brightness but you can move around your icons and pin open windows(?) to a screen. for some personalization.

I am not the main user of this device although my husband hopes I will embrace the blackberry way. He says it's way smoother than WP7 - which I thought was well designed. The Z10 comes preloaded with lots of apps that work well. I can see most people just downloading a few games as Facebook, linkin and  Twitter apps are all pre-installed as well as documents to go. Overall Blackberry World offering are not stunningly expensive like those in the Microsoft Marketplace.

I'm not likely to switch but I really would get this over a WP8 or iPhone. The whole package is crisp and functional. Hopefully it's not too late to recover some marketshare.