Your NFC Usage [poll results]

Last week I was curious to hear your stories about how you guys use NFC.  How often, what neat things have you come up with?

TagStand was nice enough to send me some NFC stickers and tags to play with.  I really gave a cursory introduction with NFC in a quick article I wrote the other day.

So, here I am giving you the results of that survey.

Quick and dirty of it is lots of you ARE using NFC.  A little over 2/3rds are, with it split almost even with half of those every day, and the other half 'as required'.

no - my phone doesn't have it (pauvre moi)3%
no - I just haven't found a use ... yet21%
no - NF...wha?7%
yes - here and there, but rarely38%
yes - almost every day31%

That leaves 1/3rd of you who've never used it.  Either your phone doesn't have it, you don't know what it is or... as the majority of that 3rd - just haven't found a use for it yet.

So, for the benefit of those who haven't found a use yet; go check out my article.  Maybe there's something n there for you to learn from, or here's just some of the cool responses you guys left on the poll:

  • Beaming files or info to my daughters nexus s, or my wife's nexus 7.
  • "I have a key chain disc that will turn off my wifi, turn on my bluetooth and turn up the volume on my phone when I'm driving.   
  • The organizers of "Munzees" are creating NFC Munzees which will be fun as well.
  • I have a tag on my computer screen at work and I scan it when I start my day to put my phone on vibrate, turn off wifi and Bluetooth, and set my gtalk status to "@work". When i scan it again at the end of the day, it puts back my phone in normal sound mode, turns on wifi and sets my gTalk status to "Mobile" :) 
  • "I have NFC tags so people can connect to my wireless without me giving out the password. Now that a few more people have NFC phones it might actually get used! lol
  • The main reason for NFC of course is Google Wallet... I really hope they get that crap sorted out. If Paypal can get into Canada then Google should be able to."
  • I purchased an NFC headset and use it everyday.  
  • Now that I bought my wife a Nexus 4 I think we'll be using it daily to share appropriate photos and videos, unlike that S3 commercial. 
  • "I use it along with Tasker... in a bit of a strange way.  I use the NFC chip to trigger a task that sets a tasker variable appropriately.  Then that variable among other things (like being plugged in) triggers a tasker profile.  I use it mostly for a night time dock and cardock. 
  • It seems like overkill, but turned out to the be the best way to trigger what I wanted when I wanted and NEVER when I don't want."
  • I use it to toggle on my bluetooth at work so I can listen to music on my bluetooth speaker.
  • My friend has a nexus 7 too, so if we see an app, want to share photos, send webpages, it's the best way!!
  • Share apps with friends (i.e. "Hey, you should try this")
  • Transfer stuff. Paying at store
  • Transferring images, I'm waiting for my tags to be shipped to me and then I'll have more uses for it.

So, it looks like primarily, a lot of you are sharing device-device (what I called method 1 in my article).  But there are some 'state switches' going on with profiles!  Congrats.  Utilizing NFCs to automate your life is awesome.  I love how +Tagstand gives you the stat on how many 'moves' you've saved and how much more efficient you're becoming.

Even better some of you mentioned pairing up the NFC with Tasker a super huge efficiency tool... maybe a future article?

Anyways, just want to thank you guys for taking the time to fill out our polls.