Umano App Review [Brandon]

Another guest article from our friend +brandon starcevic

Umano - Listen to Interesting Articles

I consider myself to be well connected and a great multi-tasker, writing, eating and watching the news all at the same time. Alright, a decent multi-tasker. Anyone who watches the news or just has it on in the background knows that after the highlights and main stories are over, it seems to be an infinite loops the rest of the day unless there is breaking news. 

This is where this app comes in handy for a secondary sensory stimulant. Popular articles and recent news updates read by real people. I will go to this app on my tablet, choose an article, press play and leave my tablet somewhere nearby. You can choose to auto-play next article, share listens, see friend activity, hide listened and receive daily reminders. Just an overall handy app for the media junky on-the-go.

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