Try Blackberry 10 on Your Android

Many of you have read or seen the news about Blackberry's comeback, especially in Canada. Well, instead of going out and buying one right away or waiting to find someone who has one to play with, you can try it out on your Android as an app.

Blippar and Blackberry have made it possible for Android users (and iPhone) to experience the Blackberry 10 OS first hand in a very neat way. All you have to do is go to THIS LINK on your PC and download the respective Blippar App from Google Play.

Open up Blippar, point the phone's camera at the website on your computer, then you'll be cruising through an interactive demo of Blackberry 10.

It's a pretty ingenious way to try out Blackberry's new OS, gestures and all. Now it is up to you as the Users to decide what you prefer.

Get it on Google Play