Top 10 Reasons Guy Kawasaki Loves Android - what's yours?

You guys know who +Guy Kawasaki is right?  Social Media guru and even used to work for Apple.  Well, the reformed Guy has switched his desire over to the Android camp.

How does an Apple guy... one that worked for them, make that kind of switch?  Well, it's not because of some harboured grudge or anything.  But it's possible, and usually for the better! :)

Even +Tom Gray used to be an iOS kind of guy, but he's gotten over it!

Well, today Guy posted a great little post on Google+ about his top 10 reasons why he chose Android.  Let's see which you agree with or which he missed out on.

Every time I tell people that I don't use any iOS products, people go a little nuts when they figure out I'm a pure Android guy. This is a list of my top ten reasons why I like Android more than iOS.
  1. Selecting default applications to open files.
  2. Making Chrome my default browser.
  3. Viewing apps, no matter what folder they’re in, in an alphabetical list.
  4. Installing different keyboards—for example, Swype.
  5. Viewing windows containing live feed of appointments or emails (“widgets”). 
  6. Using any micro-USB cable to charge an Android phone or tablet.
  7. Receiving utomatic, unattended updates to the operating system and applications. 
  8. Making multiple aliases for apps, not simply moving apps around.
  9. Using Google Now.
  10. Viewing summaries of notification messages—for example, “25 new messages” instead of 25 individual notices.
What are your reasons for liking Android? Or iOS?
 Now that's an ambassador!


  1. Drag and drop and sharing from any app to any app (almost!)

    1. I think Drag and Drop would be app dependant, but definitely the universal 'share' hook is awesome!


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