Sony to allow you to calibrate your screens

This past week I was talking to a photog buddy of mine and we had a bit of a chat about how to create the 'best' print, and most of it means ensuring your screen is properly matched to your printer.

There's a lot of 'science' and calibration that goes into it.  One of the 'gimmicks' he suggested was something called a Spider Eye, which allows you to put something on your screen and it suggests the best settings.

Without this "eye", you have to fiddle with the settings yourself.  For someone like me, this is an endless task.  Especially as I have 2 monitors to look at I just can't seem to get them to match each other, let alone a printer.  But I love being able to do it.

Well, it looks like Sony, you know, the company that also makes TVs and other screens, is letting you calibrate your phone's screen now.
It's something that those who've played with kernels and other tweaks in custom ROMs have been experimenting to get the BEST display out of... but what about the rest of us?  It's one of those "well why can't we?"

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly adjusting my TV screen... at least once a month going through and checking it out.  Putting in that THX disc and ensuring I'm up to par.  Because I'm poor I also have to adjust my alignment on the screen to ensure that the colours are lined up... I know... some day.

Well, SECafe has found out that it looks like the new devices from Sony, the Z and ZL (remember we're getting the ZL at Bell) will have a calibration feature built in.

Pretty neat stuff.  No better way to ensure that you're getting the best display then letting you set how you like it!

Tom can try to get REAL black too... although, I think only priests are allowed 'real' black... just a little Father Ted humour for ya.