Security App Usage [Poll Results]

It's an Android Security Day, as I just told you about the AV-Test report on the anti-malware apps you can get.  And now I want to discuss the results of the poll I asked last week.

Essentially I asked you if you used a security app.  ANY type.  Whether it was a basic screen lock with a pattern/code/etc... or something more unique.  Or was it just antiviral?  How were you protecting your device?

Here's the results
So, here's the quick breakdown.

Do you use something?

Impressive, just over half of you are using a security app of some sort.  Of those who ARE using, 21% of you are using more than one (i.e. using face unlock & Lookout)

So, what are you using?

So, Lookout seems to be the winner for the top choice, with having a pattern unlock a close second.

Does this ring true with you?  Why have you gone with the app you've gone with?  Give us your story below!