Samsung cleans up at MWC awards

Amongst all the cool stuff we've seen at Mobile World Congress.  Tons of Android devices, and even demos of 2 new mobile OS's...

There's also the awards portion.  And last night Samsung cleaned up.

They walked away with 5 awards that night.
There's been some talk the lately about how the sheer dominance of Samsung is starting to steal the limelight off of Android, and putting it squarely on the Korean company.

Personally, I don't think so, but that's my opinion.

What did Samsung win?
  • Best SmartphoneGalaxy S3
  • Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics DeviceGalaxy Camera
  • Best Mobile InfrastructureSmart LTE Network
  • Device Manufacturer of the YearSamsung
  • Outstanding Overall Mobile TechnologyThe CTO’s choice
5 awards.  There's not many movies that have been able to win 5 Oscars (hopefully that's a true statement, I literally do not follow the Oscars or anything).

Other winners of note:

  • Best Mobile App for Consumers - Facebook ??
  • Best Mobile App for Enterprise - Evernote
  • Judges Choice - Best Overall App - Waze
  • Best Mobile Tablet - Google/Asus Nexus 7

To see the rest of the award winners visit their page: