Rom Manager Bounces Back in Style

We here at +Android Coliseum talked about Rom Manager during our Friday Night Hangout last night.... wait a minute... Did you even watch our hangout last night? if not shame on you!

Anyways...(rolls eyes at you) lol ^_~... We talked about how Rom Manager has been very quiet for quite some time now, despite the fact they use to be buzzing when it came to rooted phones, everyone had to have this app.
recently they've updated to rectify this slow period and gave you a very good reasons to go download Rom Manager again.

Rom Manager now includes some great features that will easily make people remember the glory days of this app.

  • You can now flash Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) as a secondary option to ClockWorkMod Recovery.
  • Rom Manager now supports Delta Downloads Aka Delta Updates. This allows you to only download a portion of the updated rom that has been changed, rather than downloading the entire rom over again. This will save you countless minutes as well as data costs if you update over your mobile data connection.
  • Plus of course all their existing great features such as Backing up your rom, managing restores, keeping recoveries up to date, etc. 
So if you've used Rom Manager in the past and just kinda drifted away from it as many of us have, there's many great reasons to go check it out once again. If you're a newcomer, you're in for a treat!