Review: Safe in Cloud - Password Manager

Like everyone, I get drowned in password management. I have a mental pattern I try to use, it's just when it fails by being too complex or having to cycle too frequently that I turn to a manager. On my computer I use LastPass. Even though it drives me crazy, at least it's free. On my devices I used Tiny Password but the developer decided, last year, to stop support. It's free, works great and syncs to Dropbox It's a little
annoying to manage As I put more stuff in and had multiple devices, I wanted more ease of use so I tried Safe in Cloud.

A few things drew me to Safe in Cloud. It has a desktop companion that makes it very easy to enter information. It backs up to the cloud so you have an up-to-date database on all devices. It imported my data from Tiny Password - yes I'm that lazy. $2 for an app with that kind of features seems like quite a bargain. There are many more features and it's well described on the product page in the play store.

Desktop view
My import from Tiny Password was really well managed. The export directions within Safe in Cloud were easy to follow and the most difficult thing about importing was deciding on a password for the new database. All the information was there and I just had to organize it. By using the desktop companion I could easily add categories and create templates or use the included ones. Entries can be in multiple categories and color coding and labeling is easy using multiple select. Symbols and colours are set but those are not integral to the functioning.

Some really nice security features include being able to only the database on only one device at any time - makes sense since it updates immediately. Also you cannot take screenshots on mobile devices. You can use either a PIN or alphanumeric password for the database. Do not forget your password.

So far this is living up to all my expectations. I'm really looking forward to using the password generator. I have to change my domain password every 30 days but am restricted in characters and length.

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