[Poll] How do you ready your phone for the holidays?

Okay, another week, another poll... yup, another one.  But they're short, I promise!

So, as I start my week I try to plan out the whole week, and when I was readying for the whole week I noticed that the end of the week starts out March.

March holds a special place in my heart as I really really love 2 things that occur during the month.  Well... 3 really.

  1. Pi day (March 14th)
  2. St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)
  3. March Break
So much opportunity for fun.  And seeing as my phone is such a part of my life, it's only natural to have it be a part of the fun as well.

When a big celebration or holiday comes up - what do you do with your phone to enhance the day?
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