Nexus Orb portends bad availability in Canada?

So yesterday it was pretty cool.  The Nexus Orb, the wireless charger for the Nexus 4 was available for sale.

$59.99 + shipping + taxes... would be about $80 or so after conversion to Canadian.

This is something that's not only cool because it's a wireless charger, but cool because it'd be one of the few legitimate Nexus accessories out there.

Initially it said "not for sale at this time"... good right?  Means it'll be 'for sale' soon?

Well, what was even weirder was that we couldn't find the link to the Orb at first.  We had to follow a direct link to the item.  Like this.  [UPDATE - now you can find it if you go into a Nexus 4 item, then look at accessories.  I swear it wasn't there yesterday]

Well, now when you go to the accessory you're greeted with the typically "f-u Canadians" screen Google's threw at us for a few years now:

It's subtle, and you'll miss it if you're not careful.

Nexus 4 Wireless Charger
Nexus 4 Wireless Charger is not available in your country.


So.  Is it just a matter of proper phrasing?  Or are we screwed?



  1. Noticed this myself but I continue to be hopeful that this is a temporary situation. After all, the phone is sold in Canada as well as the bumper accessory. I, for one, will buy the charger when it does become available.


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