Mobile World Congress - The Home Game! [database]

Oh, hi... I'm +Ryan Moore, and I have a proclivity for making database.  Couple that with my passion for the Android ecosystem and bang, you got a website that I've made here with some fellow writers that happens to have databases and charts.

This weekend the Mobile World Congress started and it'll run until Thursday the 28th.  There's a boat load of devices being talked about and released and specs flying all over.  If you're like me you're often checking several dozen blogs at once so you keep getting the same news recycled and recycled.

I really don't want to rehash everything that's already been out there, a dozen times, that's not what my blog's about.  But I do want you to know about them, so I'm collating the results in to a nifty little chart for you to view.
So yeah... you can only read so many times about the P2 and the Note 8.0 etc... before you glaze over.  But, if you forget what they're about... you can check my nifty little chart I'm making.

If you want to enter a device you've seen that I may have missed, add it in!