LG Nexus 4 Availability Holds Strong for Canadians

Out of curiosity today, I decided to check out the LG Nexus 4 availability on the Google Play Store and to my surprise, they're still in stock with minimal shipping waits. This marks the end of eBay campers as eBay prices continue to drop to reasonable prices.

With the Nexus 4 starting to appear in Canadian carrier inventory lists, will it be a successful launch with it being easily available at nearly half the price carriers are charging for buyouts?

It's no doubt why LG's Nexus 4 was a smash hit. We got loyal Googlers such as myself just pulling our hair out just trying to get the latest and greatest, but also the Nexus 4 being released for such an amazing price starting at $309. A price for a phone of this calibre is unheard of, and the fact that it's unlocked and secretly LTE equipped for Canadians was just the icing on the cake.

With Samsung's Galaxy S4 rumours flying wild around the internet, it leads one to ask if the Nexus 4 hype days are nearing their end. With LG's Nexus 4 now nearly being available to whoever wants it, eBayers have to find new jobs. Lets hope they all get stuck with their current stock as punishment for being... dare I say it... being a complete jackass to the community in a time of excitement.

The countless rumours of the Galaxy S4 are pointing to a late April release, which would also fit history of their previous Galaxy S release dates. With the community being armed with this information, do you think it's a little too late for Canadian carriers to have this phone on stock nearly 4 months after it's initial launch? On top of that, can they get away with the inflated prices with it readily available for much cheaper?