KiDiGi Desktop Cradle for Samsung Galaxy S3 review

Sometimes you just need to add some class to your device.

Sometimes you want to have a 'shrine' for your device.

Or, you just don't like leaving your device flat on the desk at the office.

However you split it, accessories are cool things - and if they showcase your device a little more predominantly

I was able to get my hands on a KiDiGi desktop cradle for my Galaxy S3 recently.  I was interested in trying it out as I've never really had a 'cradle' before.  I've always just let my phone lay there just like a lump charging.  So this offered me a way to essentially bring my phone to 'life' in those times that it was just 'lifeless' while at the office or home office.

Thanks to MyTrendyPhone for sending us the unit.

For ~$30 it's well worth it.  Even if, like me, you forgot to note the adapter difference and not use the power adapter.  It still works with standard usb connection, or if you want to use one of the many USB/AC plugs you may have!  (Alternatively, grab a UK->NA plug adapter for like $2 at your local Radio Shack... err, the Source and it's still a bargain)

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