JB 4.2.2 out for Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 & 10 [changelog]

Boo-urns to not being available for the Nexus 4 yet, but if you have a T/Yakju build of the Galaxy Nexus, or any of the Nexus 7/10 models, you have an update coming your way (if it hasn't hit yet).

But 4.2 is soo cool already.  And 4.2.1 only fixed really the calendar issue.  So what marvels can 4.2.2 bring?
Unfortunately I don't have any of the qualifying devices (I'll see if CM10.1 updates soon for my wife's Nexus), so I can't tell you first hand, but I'm hearing some of our readers say they've received the notification and are downloading.

Where's the official changelog?  I don't think it's up yet, but there's a couple that I've heard about, and a few you might not have.

Thanks to +Android Police for a complete code lookover.

What's New?
Things we've discovered so far, in brief:
  • Play Store downloads now show time left to download.
  • Long-pressing Wi-Fi and BT now toggles them in the notification Quick Settings.
  • More secure ADB thanks to the new whitelist.
  • BT bug fixes?
  • Play a tone when wireless charging begins (if below 95% battery). Use new low battery and wireless charging sounds on Mako.

We were all expecting the toggles, which is GREAT.  People talked about bluetooth issues, but I've never experienced them.

Remember, we have a trick to get your update quicker, if you're not seeing the notification.