HTC One S on Bell gets Jelly Bean

Thanks to those ever sleuthful folks over at +MobileSyrup it looks like the HTC One S on the Bell network is getting their just desserts today!


Looks like the update is OTA, so remember to check for the update

  • Menu
  • Settings
  • About Device
  • Software Update
  • Update
Now, remember, if it doesn't happen right away, it's trying to update the million or so of you out there, so it takes some time.  You can speed it up with a bit of a trick we have.

One of the greatest things you'll enjoy about Jelly Bean?  In my opinion is "GOOGLE NOW".  There's some cool things you can do with Google Now.  I wrote a whole article about it!

We even keep a database of Google Now commands for you to take a look at.