Google Play Music+ Unifies Google's UI

So an interesting project caught my eye earlier today. A developer on XDA by the name of Ronamadeo released his own rendition of Google Play Music.

If you've ever noticed Google Play Music never really matched the stock UI of the rest of a stock Nexus phone. The color scheme and design is completely different and doesn't quite integrate visually the way you'd expect from a pure Google app on their own OS.  Ronamadeo attempts to solve this issue and does a very decent job at it!

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The way Ronamadeo designed this is to have it seamlessly integrate with the rest of the stock Google experience. he also added a few tweaks here n' there to maximise total use of Google Play Music.

Currently this customized version doesn't work on tablets, but should work on just about any Android phone you currently got in your hands.

You can download the Google Play+ APK Here and find the original thread on XDA here.

Keep in mind that this is a modified version of the original, which means bugs and glitches may exist.