Google LG Nexus 4 Bumper - Quick Review

Like many Nexus 4 owners, I've been trying my best to get my hands one some official swag for my shiny new LG Nexus 4. For us Canadians this proved to be a more difficult task than our American brothers across the fence.

I managed to get my hands on an official Nexus 4 Bumpers found on the Google Play Store not long ago, and I decided I'd do a small review on it.

My first impression upon unboxing this Bumper was fairly good, as it resembled the side of the Nexus and fit like a glove. Soon after I started finding faults that slowly started making me second guess my use of this case.

The Goods:

  • Offers great drop protection with its thick bumper around the phone.
  • Keeps the back of your phone open for wireless charging and showing off the sexy Nexus logo. Also having the back open ensures no restriction to reception or NFC distance.
  • Buttons on the bumper itself makes it feel like you don't even have a case on while pressing them.
The Bads:
  • An open back allows scratches from dirt or accidental impacts.
  • The Bumper is so thick at the bottom where the MicroUSB is, none of my docks work anymore, as they cannot reach the phones MicroUSB port.
  • Makes your Nexus 4 feel much wider than standard cases.
These are the pros and cons I personally experienced, although everyone has a different frame of mind. If you use a Nexus 4 bumper, feel free voice your opinion on it in the comments below.

My final word on this Bumper case is I like it, but I find other cases such as CruzerLite that fulfill my needs much better, and are often cheaper.