Friday Night Hangout #18 [March 1st @ 11PMEST]

First of our Hangouts for March...

hey, that also means that the one after the one after next would be on the 15th... oooh, the Ides of March

Cool.  But that's 2 weeks away.  What's in store for this week?

Google+ Event Link:
Yeah, we really like to have our Hangouts and talk Android with our fellow enthusiasts.  You can catch up on some of our previous hangouts by watching the videos or downloading the audio at the tab at the top for "hangouts".

This week we'll be having Rise Software genius +Mike Wallace who recently just released the app "Encyclopedia Minecraftica", but even more importantly, this Canadian had a birthday!  I got to meet Mike at the AndroidTO conference last October.

What else do we have in store?  Well...  take a look at our agenda below.  While the session is on between 11PM and 12midnight we'll have it on air, and interact with us via our comments in the blog, comment on the agenda (see link below), comment on youtube, GoogleTalk, Facebook, Twitter... we have ears in many places!  Let's get the conversation rolling.
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