First foray into Flashing

While I've been into android for a couple of years now I had been pretty satisfied with both the OEM ROM and the update cycle. Last year I chose to get the Nexus because I wanted to have the vanilla experience people raved about as well as a more immediate update to the newest software version. That's not how it worked out of course.

I knew I was ready for a change when I thought about getting a new device. New!?! Why not just get the new ROM  myself? I love my Galaxy Nexus. I've flashed an unlocked bootloader using Odin. I can do this.

The first step in flashing a new ROM is unlocking and rooting your device. I unlocked my GNexus soon after I got it and rooted it in November or December. I like to do these things through programing rather than one click because I use it as a learning experience. It does mean it takes me awhile between steps though because I worry a lot before actually doing it:)

I used Carbon to back up my stuff and Goo to manage the flashing part. The Carbon UI made backing up way more accessible to me than Titanium. The icons make it very clear what you're backing up, something that wasn't so obvious last time I tried Titanium. Goo is a great application as well making it easy to access and download ROMs uploaded to the hosting site. It uses TWRP2 for the recovery app. These tools, and a little help from Sylvain, made flashing really easy. If you don't have a Sylvain, do some roaming around for a video so you know if things aren't going as you expect (what does the first time?) Luckily going a little sideways simply means your device doesn't do anything other than boot into the existing OS.

In a way I feel like a cheater because I let someone else (TeamWin, Sylvain) do the heavy lifting; all I had to do was follow directions. I installed Bigxie Deoxed 4.2.2 to get a vanilla version that is rooted. Apparently with deoxe (sp?) I can do some theme stuff should I decide to. There are lots of options with Goo. The app was created to make flashing ROMs easy and it's very successful at that. Everything is touch screen and OTA like it should be. Nice work from TeamWin.

It took a couple hours for everything to restore and get back to what it had been. Then I made some more cosmetic changes today. I don't know if I'll flash a lot of different stuff but at least I'm not as hesitant as I was before.