Encyclopaedia Minecraftica - A Canadian app by a Canadian

So there's this little phenom out there.  I just don't understand it, but it doesn't mean it's not relevant.  I guess that's a sign of my age... I'll say maturity.

But, I've seen a few of my students really love it.  It's Minecraft.  What is Minecraft?

Yeah, I downloaded it a while back, but it just seemed really overwhelming to me.  Maybe it's my age.  Then a few of my piping students mentioned they played it, and other friends who have kids said their kids are obsessed.  Even the Angry Birds video kid, Evan, talks about it on his youtube channel.

So maybe I wasn't giving Minecraft a chance because I just didn't understand it.  Maybe I needed some help from an app developed by +Mike Wallace.  Enter "Encyclopaedia Minecraftica".

I met Mike at the AndroidTO conference last October.  And you can meet him too at this week's Friday Night Hangout.  He's published this handy dandy reference tool for those who play the game Minecraft.

I was a little overwhelmed.  I've seen the things online people can build.  I barely have time to play Ingress and write a blog article, let alone build a universe.  I get confused in those alchemy games!

Well, if I had the resources like this, it would make it a little bit easier.

The resource is laid out to give you information on the various items you can get or build in the game.

It's sorted by 'blocks', 'items' and 'mods' (Mike, you should be able to left-right swipe between them).

Blocks are what's needed to build things, from what I understand.

Items are neat things you can build... like in those alchemy games where you put 2 (or more) things together to make other things.  This not only gives you a full list, and description of each, but tells you how they're made.

Mods are... well, I'm not sure exactly what they are... extra stuff in the game.  I tried reading through it, but without an understanding of what the game is, it's not making sense.

If you spring the loonie out of your Google Wallet you'll get the 'recipe hunter' portion of the app.  This is what I would definitely need.  It's kind of like cheating, but it's really great for those of us who are smart, but too lazy to work it out on our own.  Like how I want an app to do this for my kitchen...

You go in and tell it what items and blocks you have currently.  From that, it will go through and tell you what possible other items you can make from it.  I randomly put in a bunch of stuff and it was neat how it would show you the combos needed to make it.  (note, once you tap the items you have for the quantity you have, you have to hit the magnifier for the results to come up)

He's crossed over the 10k mark and by my last count he was at 12k ... great work Mike.

If you've got someone you know who plays the game, might want to get them to give this a try.  It'd be a handy companion while you're busy building away.

Android app on Google Play

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, FEBRUARY 23, 2013: Rise Software Inc., an up and coming software company based in Chertsey Qu├ębec has released version  2.0 of their popular Android based application: Encyclopaedia Minecraftica Premium; a stellar application that enhances your Minecraft game play experience in a fun and easy way.
The application uses a fast database component that allows the user to quickly and easily find all the information needed to get the most out of the Minecraft game. However, Encyclopaedia Minecraftica is more than just a reference application, it is also a search engine. The “Recipe Hunter” feature will search through the users inventory and report which items that the user can create. This allows new to slightly advanced players to discover new items that they did not know they could create.
“Minecraft is a great game. It's also big. Very big. Encyclopaedia Minecraftica allows you to get a handle on [Minecraft]”, says Mike Wallace, president of Rise Software. He continues by adding “And the new Recipe Hunter gives the new player an edge that they never had before!”
The latest version of Encyclopaedia Minecraftica has features that will be valuable to all Minecraft players by giving them more information on the games items, how to create them and if you are capable of creating them with your current inventory. These new features make Encyclopaedia Minecraftica a great tool that will add more fun to an already great game.
The application is available for free on the Android Market and a paid premium version is available as well. You can find the Premium version at : http://goo.gl/bLSse 
Complete information regarding Encyclopaedia Minecraftica as well as Rise Software's other products can be found at www.risesoftware.com and you can also follow them on Google Plus at goo.gl/emcYy