Do you have a tablet? [Poll Results]

As is my voyeuristic nature, I keep asking you, our readers, questions.  Last week it was about Tablets.

Who has one, and what's the size?

I gave a sneak peek at the answer during our Friday Night Hangout #15
So, how'd you answer?

Here goes:  a lot of you have tablets.  It's definitely the form factor these days.  Laptops are too bulky, Netbooks are annoying... tablets have it.

But how many?

3/4s of you are using one DAILY.  And 9/10 of you have one in your household.  That's a huge amount of market penetration.  I think when I did this article a year ago at the other blog it wasn't nearly as high.

Now, how about sizes of what you have?

Almost a dead split between between the 2 common 7" and 10" sizes.

What was most interesting was that not only did a HUGE percentage of you have tablets, but almost 1 in 5 of you (17%) have MORE THAN ONE!

Definitely taking over, tablets are!