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You know I love cloud options, and you've recently heard my rant about what happens when a good app goes bad.  This is not one of those stories.  Quite the opposite.

CX has been a great option from the start, but ... really the underdog.  What's been great is that it's been the app that has been getting better, despite my not really buying into it.

[Okay, so just before I really get into it, FULL DISCLOSURE:  CX has given me some perks recently, but not because of this article, or any previous.  But I'll talk about that later.]

CX... I loved the 'sound' of the app.  Would be easy to remember.  I wonder if it sounds for Cloud eXchange?  It popped up on my radar about a year or so ago, and at the time offering 10GB for free was rare.  It's still tied for 2nd place in the offerings.

CX also offers you 300MB per referral.  So, if you like CX, and you'd to try it out, go ahead and CLICK THIS LINK to earn me some space.  Then refer it to your friends, and you'll earn some space.  Doesn't take long to get a ton of free space.  Well... max of 6GB for free, so 20 referrals is the max.

Anyhow.  In terms of it's service, it hits all the standard markers of what makes a great cloud storage app:

  • Photo Storage Sync - pretty much an absolute MUST for any app.  You've heard my woes about how I've lost photos on a corrupt SD card.  Backup is always good.
  • Public Sharing - so when you want to share with a friend either the folder or the specific file for them to go and get it as well, without having to email a large file, or give them access to your cloud as well.

So, for those reasons it's a good option to the major alternatives out there like Dropbox or Box, etc...  And besides for up to 16GB free, it's a good option to have a back up of backup.

In addition it's got options for Group Folders and group sharing, as well as a pretty cool feature for 'rewind'. That you can have multiple 'versions' of a file, so that if it gets corrupted, or changed too much you can go to an earlier version.  Neat.  ~$3/month, so you use your best judgment if you think you'll use it or not.

There's even a desktop application to sync folders on your computer.  For me, I'm more web access than PC, but still nice to have.  The BIGGEST bonus there is that unlike DropBox you don't have to drag a folder to the DB folder to sync it, but you can leave a folder where it is to let it sync.

I gave it a shot a while back.  What was really cool was there social media team was really responsive.  They're also fairly active providing some great articles on their blog.  Check it out.  If I saw an issue, they usually personally responded right quick.  And they're on Google+, go circle -- I even won a free shirt from them for providing my profile on their site.

While used it I had the media syncing turned on and we went camping.  I was out of cell range for almost a full week and had amassed a ton of photos.  Even though my device was set to 'sync only on WiFi' as soon as data came into range it uploaded that week's worth of photos.  It caused me to go over my data plan... I was understandably upset, but I let them know about my issue, and not only, again, did I get a personal reply (and an option for compensation that I did not exercise) but almost the next day there was an update.

You have to respect that kind of customer service.  Knowing that a service is listening to its users and implementing suggestions is HUGE for a brand, especially in its early stages and I think CX is doing a fantastic job.  Unlike one terrible service out there that's doing something that apparently NOBODY wants (I'm going by User Reviews on the Play Store) - they're even deleting poor remarks on their Facebook page.

And it gets better.  The other day they sent out an email asking for product feedback.  I responded that I don't actually fully use the service, so I'd be a bad choice.

Know what?  They still asked if I would.  I was compensated for the feedback interview, what was it?  I don't feel comfortable disclosing, but it was more than they should have, and definitely unnecessary - I love being able to help a good app get better.

The interview with Nick went well and we discussed some of my critiques and feedback; and he was receptive and said that some of my suggestions were already on their way to implementation.  THAT IS AWESOME.  I can't express how cool it is to have a company that listens to you.

Sure, if it's a free service... then YOU'RE THE PRODUCT ... as they say.  But still, it's a great feeling knowing that you're opinion is valued.  Thanks CX.

So... that story aside, I told you above what was good about the product, but what's not so great:

  • if you're in a file on your phone and want to share it to CX, using the share dialogue doesn't let you choose which folder it goes to -- in order to do that you'll have to go into the app, browse to the folder first, then upload
  • sorting is purely alphabetical - no separation between folders or files (this they said they're working on)
  • public link view/rendering - i.e. that if i provide a link to a file, there be an option to view the file instead of download it.  like make an embedded gallery of the files.  I know I'm just being greedy - I got used to how Minus and Box do it...

But it's still a great service if you're looking for alternatives.

Don't forget my referral link.

Android app on Google Play

So... how does it stand up to the others?  Remember, I have that database you can check out to compare.

(Remember, I give out Gold, Silver and Bronze to the top options in free space, cost/space and referral -- CX gets 1 silver and 1 bronze)


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog and kind words, Ryan! We really appreciate users like you!

    1. Keep the good stuff coming and we'll keep writing about it.


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