Bring Magic to Your Music with Wave Control

There are many music apps in the Google Play store that will fulfill the need of every audiophile or music lover. There are many accessories that work well with a music app, but my favourite accessory for a music app is another app.

If you are a driver that likes to listen to their music on your phone like me, you will have a car dock or mount to hold your lovable Android as it spouts out your favourite tunes. Not everyone has the time or effort to create the perfect playlist for the mood they are in and usually end up just skipping through most of the songs occasionally stopping on the ones they like.

This can be very dangerous considering you have to pay attention to the road, and if you are like me, trying to be the mediator between your fighting kids as well. Wouldn't it be great to wave a magical wand to have all of your problems disappear? Well too bad, but you can wave your hand to change the music.

Wave Control works very well with most of your favourite music player apps by allowing you to skip, play previous, pause and stop. The free version does everything you want with basic controls, as well as the option to pick and choose different features to purchase in-app, but the premium version includes everything like compatibility with foobar2000 controller PRO and Tasker.

Keeping the amperage going, my music setup is trifecta tuned with Poweramp + Wave Control and a little extra boost from Volume+ (Volume Boost). What is your set-up?

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