BlackedOut Theme for CM10.1 - Review

I'm one of those people who are never satisfied with the way my phone is, it could be perfect and I'll always find a way to take it 37 steps further.
Having my phone totally black and inverted is a total must. Not only does it save a little battery power on AMOLED screens, but it simply makes things more beautiful and makes you standout from the crowd.

Today I've found a CyanogenMod 10 / 10.1 theme that I've totally fallen in love with, and that theme is BlackedOut by Blackout1911.

BlackedOut isn't you simple inverted theme that only handles your basic UI inverts like status bars and system backgrounds, this theme inverts the entire list of apps I use!

I've never used an inverted theme that does as much as BlackedOut does. It has totally eliminated the need for me to manually fill in the blanks with modified inverted apps. Keeping your original apps will be way less hassle for you and also leaves open your eligibility for Google Play updates without compromising your inverts.

This is the first theme I've seen that inverted apps that no one else touches such as Google Now, Google+, Dropbox, Facebook, eBay.

List of inverted apps:
- Android
- Apollo
- Browser
- Calculator
- Camera
- Clock (also 4.2)
- Contacts
- E-Mail
- Gallery (also 4.2)
- Google Play Music
- Keyboard
- Stock Launcher
- Trebuchet Launcher
- Apex Launcher (Pro)
- Nova Launcher (Prime)
- Holo Launcher (Plus/HD)
- Phone
- Settings
- Statusbar
- aCalendar
- Calendar
- Facebook
- Facebook Messenger
- GMail
- Google Ears
- Google Talk
- Google Search
- Play Store 
- Root Browser (+ removed ad ) 
- Solid Explorer
- Ubermusic
- Youtube
- Google Translate
- Ebay
- Instagram
- Swype [classic Design]
- Twitter
- Paypal
- Google Plus
- Hackers Keyboard
- Eyeem
- Rom Toolbox
- VLC Player
- Google Videos
- Skype
- Dropbox
- Google Chrome
- Whatsapp
- IMDb
- Firefox (-beta / -nightly)
- Airdroid
- Google Books

It's labeled for CM10, but it'll work for Devices using CyanogenMod 9/10/10.1, AOKP, PA, CNA, and many other Rom that supports Theme Chooser.

If you're like me and love the totally inverted environment of Android, than you'll love this theme.
for the totally inverted experience you'll need to pinch together $2 for. However, there's a free version, but nearly all the 3rd party app inverts only exist in the paid version. Don't be cheap, support your devs :P

Get it on Google Play