BlackedOut CM10 Theme X

I say it time and time again, I LOVE my black theme and apps. I recently found a great theme for CM10 and other roms that support the theme chooser by the developer Blackout1911 called BlackedOut Black CM10 Theme X.

I've reviewed this theme once before, but I couldn't help myself revisiting it once again due its overwhelming updates!

This is one of the greatest themes I've ever used. Not only does it provide me with all the black system UI that I love, but it also inverts just about every single app I have without ruining its integrity for updates on the Google Play Store.

No modifications requires (Besides Rooting and Compatible Rom of course) Just be on a compatible rom with theme chooser and Install this theme and Bingo Bango, you're totally inverted without any hassel.

BlackedOut Black CM10 Theme X takes care of the following apps:

• Android
• Apollo
• Browser
• Calculator
• Camera
• Clock (also 4.2)
• Contacts
• E-Mail
• Gallery (also 4.2)
• Google Play Music
• Keyboard
• Stock Launcher
• Trebuchet Launcher
• Apex Launcher (Pro)
• Nova Launcher (Prime)
• Holo Launcher (Plus/HD)
• Phone
• Settings
• Statusbar
• aCalendar
• Airdroid
• Calendar
• Dolphin Browser
• Dropbox
• Ebay
• Evernote
• Eyeem
• Facebook
• Facebook Messenger
• Firefox (+beta)
• GMail
• Google Books
• Google Chrome
• Google Ears
• Google Plus
• Google Search
• Google Talk
• Google Translate
• Google Videos
• Hackers Keyboard
• Hotmail
• IMDb
• Instagram
• Kik Messenger
• Pandora Radio
• Paypal
• Pixlr
• Play Store
• Plume for Twitter
• Rom Toolbox
• Root Browser (+lite )
• Skype
• Sleep as Android
• Snapseed
• Solid Explorer
• Soundhound
• Swype [classic Design]
• Tapatalk
• Twitter
• Ubermusic
• VLC Player
• Whatsapp
• XDA-Developers (+premium)
• Youtube

And the list is constantly growing. Blackout1911 updates his themes which seems to be on a weekly cycle if not sooner, always providing you with my black sexiness.

If you enjoy your black inverted apps and themes like I do, you NEED to try this theme, you won't regret it.

Get it on Google Play