Bitcasa puts a new cloud in the "Cloud Storage" Sky

For those of you who've followed me before, know that I'm a big fan of cloud storage.

There's a new option for Android users out there for a place to store their files in the cloud - and this one comes with not only 10GB free (a rare free amount) but also has an unlimited option.

I've tried out quite a bit myself.  I have myself down to just 7 at the moment.

I'm trying to cut back.  In my screenshot you'll see SkyDrive, Minus, MediaFire, Dropbox, Drive, Box and now BitCasa.

There's even more I've tried and am currently not using.  But I'll talk about those below.

Today I try on Bitcasa.

The main selling points of the app is that it's FREE for 10GB of storage, and that if you want to pay, you get UNLIMITED.  No levels and deciding... just from 10GB to unlimited.  Best yet, the unlimited goes for file size as well.  No limit on how big the file can be.

The app is pretty straight-forward.  You can look through your cloud via folders, or have it self sort by music, pictures or video.

Like most of the cloud options you also have the option to auto upload your photos (it's super handy if you have microSD cards that fail, or lose your phone -- phones can be replaced - memories can't).

There's even a 'save offline' option so that if there's something you really want that you uploaded from home (I mentioned there was a desktop software right?) also on your phone.

You can either upload files form your file manager or any 'share' option to upload to Bitcasa's cloud, or from the app itself.

Once the file's in your cloud, you can even provide a share link of it to other people.  Which is super handy way to send files (who hands over USB sticks or DVDs, etc... bleck).

So nothing too ... new.  Nothing un-useful either.  As with anything in the Android way there's plenty of options and the trick is ensuring that you find one that works for you.

If Bitcasa is for you, try it out... hey, it's free to try at least.  Download it below.  If it's not for you, look over the database for all your options and see what you think.  *you know me... I like databases*

Get it on Google Play

Here's my database of a list for Cloud Storage Options
(I've made a legend for what I saw was the top choices in each category)