Are you using a security app? [poll]

As is my want... I like to ask questions of you, the readers.  I really hope that these polls we do helps spark conversations with you and other readers.  I really get tired of just writing out...

If you noticed, I didn't really give you a result to the last post as we didn't get many answers.  Here's hoping this week goes better.  If anything, get the conversation going.

So, especially with seeing a few bits in the news about 'hacks' (that BurgerKing one was pretty funny) it brought to me a scary thought -- If I lose my phone, I'm screwed.

There's my social networks, my emails, my clouds... all is ripe for the taking.  Do I need a security app?
Paranoia or not, it could be a great idea.

I was trying to find an article a few weeks back about how a phone was stolen, and this guy ended up using a security app to track his thief and take photos etc... and helped catch him.

Sounds good... but is it too much 'paranoia' to have set up for the off chance?  Or is it worth it if it can save you your device?


  1. I use Lookout combined with a pattern lock. The cool part? You swipe wrong 3 times and your mug gets sent to my email.

    Sure, here borrow my phone. I'll have your face, your location, and your fingerprints.


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