Another day, another Galaxy (Samsung announces Galaxy Discover)

Just when I thought there could be no more Galaxy _____ devices, Samsung 'discover'ed one more.

Get it?

Yesterday Samsung announced the "Galaxy Discover"

I think the count is now up to 54.
The neat thing about this, and why I'm not immediately berating Samsung for releasing yet ANOTHER entry level device is the fact that it's eschewing the typical "TouchWiz" UI for a stock experience.


Yeah, a Samsung 'true to Android'.  Now, will it get updates as soon as the Nexii do?  I doubt it, it'll still go through carrier interference.  At least that's my guess.  But a stock experience.  Will one of the predictions I made for 2013 come true?

Here's the specs of the phone:

  • 3.5" 480x320
  • 800MHz
  • 2.7GB storage (microSD up to 32GB)
  • 3MP camera
  • Android 4.0
So a stock experience, but only ICS?  Well, it's a start for them.