AirTight - Use Apple's Airplay on your Google TV

4 Years ago, I was all about Apple's iPhone and to me it was the greatest phone ever made, but today Android fills that void in my heart, but one thing Apple does very well in my opinion is their Mac Computers. Sadly Apple doesn't like to play nice with anyone but themselves, so it's up to us to find 3rd party apps to bridge connections to make Apple's services more compatible with others.

I found an app that I installed on my Google TV that greatly improved my overall use of it.

Airtight is an application that allows you to use Apple's AirPlay from any compatible AirPlay device. Being able to stream my movies and TV shows with a click of a button on my iMac is an amazing feature to have indeed.

For those long lost episodes of Doctor Who, you can now stream them from your Mac or other Apple device straight to your Google TV. Some Google TV seriously needs to incorporate more features like this of their own in the future to capitalize on this without the use of extra hardware you'd otherwise have to purchase.

Currently Airtight costs .99 cents, but that's a small price to pay to gain a great feature such as this.

Get it on Google Play