3 Must Have apps

Last week I flashed my Nexus and it made me realize I do have some apps that I like to have running on all my android devices. Not just my launcher of choice, Swype, Google apps and Dropbox but others that are less common that I like having access to.

My first app must have is Slingbox. Slingbox was what got me into the Smart phone world. I could have used a feature phone back in the day but I really wanted to watch my TV on my phone. We have a Slingbox Solo (we've had one for a long time) so I can watch stuff I have on the DVR (or live). I seem to plan holidays right around season endings so it's nice to be able to wile away wait times at the airport watching my recorded stuff. It's also handy to be able to set recording after you've left home. I use the same app on my phone and tablets and they've kept updating so it has more features.
Phone view

tablet view
Next up Shaw Go WiFi. As a Shaw EXO internet subscriber I can use my home account when I'm on the go and there are Shaw WiFi spots available.The GoWiFi app helps me find hotspots near by. When I was at YEG the other day, I used the app to find a hotspot and used it instead of the free airport internet. The service was fast and reliable. If you are a Shaw customer you can log into your services account and register your devices MACs so when you are in a zone you simply connect rather than going through a log in process on your device.

Finally Unlock with WiFi is on all my devices. When I am at home, I don't care who looks at my tablet because I only have it out when there's no company. With my tablets there is the option to not even have swipe to unlock. Since I purchase the license I can set several home networks so I've set my mobile hotspot from my phone as a trusted network.

Everyone uses their device for different things. I tried to stick to apps I enjoy using on my phone that not everyone uses.