WidgetLocker, Taking your LockScreen to new Heights

TeslaCoil Software, the same people who brought you Nova Launcher also brings you an amazing lockscreen replacement called WidgetLocker.

WidgetLocker is a wonderful lockscreen replacement that allows you to take total  control over your existing lockscreen, to get that look and customization you're looking for.

WidgetLocker has an enormous amount of customization built it. It allows you to place your own widgets to the lockscreen, as well as many themes to make your Android look like HTC's Sense UI, MIUI, or even the desired pure Google look. It has a bunch of themes built in, with many more to be download from XDA servers and/or outside sources. 

There are other lockscreen replacement apps out there, but this one always seems to captivate me and keeps me returning to it over and over again despite its. 

So if you're looking for that extra edge to squeeze more customization out of your android and get that little extra wow factor and usability out of your Android, I suggest checking out WidgetLocker.

It'll run you $2.99, but it's worth the money if your a themer,