Why I root my Android Phone

Google's Androids are amazing devices, but they really shine if you're one of the people who know your way around rooting them. Unlocking the inner potential to really take control of your phone, and squeeze every last drop of goodness out of your Android.

See some of the reasons why I unchain my Android by rooting it. The window of opportunity awaits...

Number one would be flashing custom roms. Many of the stock roms that are released with the phone are very stable, but often are locked down with lots of apps you cannot remove. Flashing custom roms allows you to take an entire package of customizations from better system resource management, to themes to make your phone look totally different. However, not every custom rom are for the better, not everyone has the craft of cooking roms to a fine art.

Titanium Backup: 
Surely you've heard of Titanium Backup before. This has to be one of the most popular tools in a rooters arsenal. This app allows you to make a backup of any app whether it's a system app or user installed. So if you change phones or have to wipe your data, you can restore it later without the loss of your saved setting and/or game progress.
Aside from just making backups, Titanium Backup also offers other features such as allowing you to freeze and/or uninstall any app within your system. This is one app I simply cannot live without.

If you want to get more detailed information about Titanium Backup, my friend and fellow +Android Coliseum writer +Sylvain Le Bourhis did a review on this app just days ago. You can Find That Article Here.

AdFree is my personal favorite Ad killer of many found on the Google Play Store. For me it kills 95% of all Ad bars within webpages and inside applications. Nothing like playing a game or using an application without that Ad banner popping up every 30 seconds.

Note: Developers get small amounts of money due to these ads that popup within your apps. That being said, support your developers! If we give nothing back, they may discontinue app development which only hurts everyone in the long run.

Light Flow & Light Manager:
These apps may not require root access, but having it really adds a lot of functionality to these applications. Light Flow and Light Manager are two apps that pretty much do the same thing. They allow you to control the LED of your device (Providing you have one), and allow you to choose the color of which notification color it will flash for.

Example: My Gmail notifications flash Red, Google+ is Orange, SMS is Green, Phone & Voicemail is White. These applications really bring your Android to life.

AirDroid is what most of us use including +Ryan Moore in our live +Android Coliseum hangouts.
AirDroid allows you to share the screen to your computer, as well as access many aspects of your Android such as files, text messages, pictures, and contacts. This makes AirDroid an extremely useful tool.
Note: Root is only require on AirDroid to share your screen to your computer, all other features are root free accessible.
These are only some of the reasons why you'll always see me with my Android rooted.
When ever I feel like I've learnt it all, having a rooted Android throws endless amounts of opportunities my way.