Which Weather App do you Welcome [poll results]

It's almost ironic that on some of the coldest days we've had here, I'm talking about predicting the weather.

It's cold... it's cold... it's cold.  Don't need an app for that.

But for when I'd like to know when it'll be over, I do like to have an app for that.  So we asked you what you preferred.  Here's what you said.
It was also a topic for our Friday Night Hangout's #AppColiseum portion so if you wanted to, you could see all our choices here at Android Coliseum.

But what did YOU pick.  Surprisingly enough, most of our polls have a clear, stand out winner. This poll was pretty evenly distributed for the top services, and we got a fair number of different options too!  This is what I love about Android - options galore!

So it looks like #1 is Weather Eye (from the Weather Network), but not by much, then #2 is split between Google Now & Beautiful Widgets.  #3 goes to a split of 1Weather & Weather Bug Elite (again, by barely a hair difference).  The rest split last place.

  • AccuWeather
  • Aix Weather Widget
  • BeWeather
  • eWeather HD
  • Fancy Widgets
  • HD Widgets
  • Notification Weather

If you chose one of those apps, tell us why in the comments below.


  1. WTH! WeatherBug Elite shouldn't be last! lol!

  2. Wow! I'm not entirely surprised by that actually. The Weather Network is the one that offers the most information about our weather and it's actually updated frequently!

  3. I use the weather network app the yellow one because it's more accurate & works everywhere I go :-)

    1. which is why i"m using it as well... i think the data TWN has is more accurate for where we are. I've tried others and they just don't line up.


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